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GREAT BRITAIN • customer service tel: 0845 300 9799 e-mail: [email protected] internet:
Ver. 20140916
Digital Timer 36-5837 Model EFP700ET
Please read theentire instruction manual before using theproduct
and then save it for future reference. Wereserve theright for any
errors in text or images and any necessary changes made to
technicaldata. Ifyou have any questions concerning technical
problems please contact our Customer Services.
Product description
Digital timer designed for flush mounting inside apattress. Perfect
for timer controlled lighting. Aperfect way to save energy and
scare away potential burglars. Canbe controlled manually or set to
random. Countdown function allows you to preset anofftime.
Up to 20 on/off commands can be programmed per day with
15day combinations available. Backup battery keeps you settings
intact during apowercut. Timeand programme are shown on
thedisplay, and buttons are protected to prevent buttons being
pressed unintentionally.
Buttons and functions
1. Cut thepower to thepattress by removing thefuse at
theconsumer unit or turning off themainpower. Ensure that
thewires going to thepattress are notlive.
TH (Thursday)
FR (Friday)
SA (Saturday)
SU (Sunday)
1. When theclock is displayed, press [ PROG ] to select
2. “1” starts flashing and “ON” will display.
3. Press [ + ] repeatedly to select one of theother 19 on/off modes
or continue to step 4below.
4. Press [ PROG ] again and “MO” will begin flashing on thedisplay.
5. Use [ + ] and [ - ] to select theday(s) according to thelistabove.
6. Press [ PROG ] again and thehour will begin flashing on
thedisplay. Use [ + ] and [ - ] to set thehour.
7. Press [ PROG ] again and theminutes will begin flashing on
thedisplay. Use [ + ] and [ - ] to set theminutes.
You have now set the “ON” time for programme 1 (e.g. turning
on alight) and can continue to set the “OFF” time (e.g. turning off
8. Press [ PROG ] again so that “1” starts flashing and “OFF” is
9. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to set thenext “ON”time.
Repeat theinstructions above to set programmes 2 to 20, or press
] to exit theprogrammingmode.
If no button is pressed, theprogramming mode will end
automatically after 10 seconds and thetimer will return to
If [ + ] or [ - ] are held, thespeed of setting thetime will increase.
In programming mode [ PROG ] disables thetimers other functions.
You can press any of thefour corner buttons to delete/restore
your programme while programming.
Random activation
This function means that thetimer turns ON or OFF randomly
between 18:00 and 06:00 thefollowingday. Thisis suitable for
turning lights on and off to simulate a “lived-in home”.
1. Press [ RND ] in clock mode to active therandom on/off function.
Thesymbol “RND” is displayed.
2. Thetimer will now switch on for 10–26 minutes, and off for
26–42 minutes.
3. Other functions are disabled when thetimer is in randommode.
4. This function is repeated daily until you switch it off by pressing
[ RND ].
Countdown function
Using thecountdown function you can set atime until switchoff.
1. In clock mode, press [ CD ] to activate thecountdown function.
Theminutes display will begin flashing.
2. Press [ + ] or [ - ] to select thenumber of minutes. Press
[ CD ]again. Thehour display will start toflash.
3. Press [ + ] or [ - ] to select thenumber ofhours.
4. Press the [ CD ] button again to exit thetime setting and to start
When thefunction is activated “CTD” will flash on thedisplay.
Oncethetimer has counted down to zero, theappliance/light that is
connected will switch off, and theCTD symbol will goout.
To temporarily pause thecountdown, press [ CD ]once. “CTD”
will stop flashing. Press [ CD ] again to resume thecountdown.
Thecountdown can be set from 1 minute up to 99 hours and
Once thecountdown is complete, theCTD symbol disappears
and thetext “OFF” appears to show that thetimer is turnedoff.
You can press any of thefour corner buttons at any time to
cancel thecountdown and return to theclockmode.
Turning On/Off Manually
Thetimer can also be turned on and off manually, which can be
useful if alight needs to be switched on outside of its programmed
times, for example.
With thecoveropen
1. In clock mode, press [ ] once to switch between on/
offmode. “ON” or “OFF” will be displayed depending on
whether thetimer is on oroff.
2. Press any of the4 buttons in corners of thecontrol panel
(thebuttons that are depressed by thecover when it is closed).
3. Press [
] again to return to clockmode.
With thecover closed
Press thecover to manually turn thetimer on oroff.
Daylight saving setting
In theclock mode, press [ + ] to activate thedaylight saving setting.
Theclock moves forward one hour and “+1” is displayed.
Care and maintenance
Wipe thetimer with adry cloth if needed. Useamild detergent
– never use asolvent or strong, abrasive detergent, as this may
damage theproduct.
If thetimer is not functioning normally,
or if you need to delete all settings, use
anappropriate implement and gently press
and hold [ R ] until thedisplay shows:
Changing thebattery
Thetimer’s backup battery is located at therear of thecontrol panel
and can be removed by following theinstructions in Installation.
Remove theold battery and insert anewone. Takenote of
thepolarity markings.
This product should be disposed of in accordance with local
regulations. Ifyou are unsure how to proceed, contact your local
Rated voltage 230V AC, 50 Hz
Max.load 1800W (resistive)
Batteries 2×1.5 V (LR44, SR44)
[ R ] Press to reset to factory settings.
Thesymbol refers to thesymbol on thecontrol
When thecover is closed: manual switching on/off.
Pressto manually switch thetimer on or off, regardless
of thecurrent programme.
When thecover isopen: also to clear and retain
settings when programming. Pressany of the4 buttons
in corners of thecontrol panel (thebuttons that are
depressed by thecover when it is closed).
[ PROG ] Selects theprogrammingmode.
[ RND ] Activates random switching on/off.
[ CD ] Activates countdown to switchoff.
On/off mode and clock settingmode.
[ + ] Settings button. Pressto activate daylight
[ - ] Settings button.
Clock setting.
2. Release thetimer control
panel and frame from
theelectronics unit by
gripping theframe or
control panel and pulling
3. Insert 2×1.5 V
(LR44,SR44) batteries.
Follow themarkings above
and below thebattery
compartment to ensure
correct polarity. Thebatteries
power thedisplay and
should be changed when
thedisplay becomesdim.
4. Connect thewires to
theelectronics unit as shown
in thepicture.
5. Fit theelectronics unit into
thepattress and tighten to
mounting screws.
6. Assemble thecontrol panel
together with theframe and
press them carefully into
theelectronicsunit. Ensure
that thethree connector
pins are inserted into
theelectronics unit without
being damaged.
7. Connect thepower/replace
thefuse andtest.
Setting theclock
1. Press [ ] to activate theclock setting.
2. Press or hold [ + ] and [ - ] to set theday. Press [ ] and thehour
3. Press or hold [ + ] and [ - ] to set thehour. Press [ ] and
theminutes willflash.
4. Press or hold [ + ] and [ - ] to set theminutes. Press [ ] to
confirm and finish setting theclock.
Setting aprogramme
Up to 20 on/off events per day can be programmed.
Theprogrammes can be set for individual days of theweek, or in
combinations of more than oneday:
MO, TU, WE, TH, FR, SA, SU (every day)
MO (Monday)
TU (Tuesday)
WE (Wednesday)
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